As a young girl I spent hours colouring in, making pictures, gluing collages together and experimenting with paint. In my own quiet world I dreamed with a wild imagination!
Helping to fuel my creative pursuits was my passion for stories, fairytales and children’s books...a love affair that still carries on today. Most of all I loved being transported to other worlds and times through the wonderous artists and illustrators drawings and paintings.

My intention through creating my Paper Kits, Art Prints, Printables and Colouring Books is the hope I can help to nurture other beautiful souls on their creative and life journeys. To wish for them moments of colourful quiet creation and whimsical thoughts of hope and wonder in this sometimes loud, fast paced world.

With hope that these products are enjoyed to its fullest and that from them inspiration and ideas spark from open hearts to bring to life more original artworks and creations. My Products can be found and purchased in My Online Shop. 

Yours in love, wonder, magic, enchantment and the brightest colours, Shae